Peridot with Glass Bead and Celtic Knot Earrings

Peridot with Glass Bead and Celtic Knot Earrings

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4mm Peridot gemstones with 6mm mottled green and soft teal glass bead and Celtic knot drops on sterling silver French ear wires. Comes carded with story of the Celtic knot and power of the gemstone.


The Ancients believed Peridot to be the transmitter of healing powers. Helpful in clearing physical and emotional distress, getting rid of negative patterns so growth is possible.

About the Celtic Knot

All Celtic knots, whether square, diamond, triangle or round, symbolize “no beginning, no end... infinity,” the intertwining of this world and the “other” or spiritual world, the continuity of life paths, the mingling of relationships, and the binding read more...