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Cliodna - Celtic Goddess of the Sea

About Cliodna 

The Ancients believed Celtic goddesses influenced every part of early Celtic life, especially fertility and prosperity. Cliodna (KLEE-nah), or Cliodhna, is the Celtic goddess of the sea, the Otherworld, passion and love, and deep beauty. Celtic folklore abounds about this goddess.

The Celtic fairy Queen Cliodna, a daughter of the Sea God, Manannan, rules over the sea in Ireland and the Celtic Isles. Every ninth wave is sacred to her and if a wish spoken as a small pearl is placed in a double shell, tied with seaweed, cast on the ninth wave and reaches the shore, the goddess Cliodna will grant it.

In ancient Celtic mythology Cliodna as the goddess of beauty, love and passion, and is said to have three brightly colored birds who eat apples from a mystical tree in the Otherworld, and whose sweet song heals the sick.

In Munster Cliodna is the Queen of the Banshees of the Tuatha Dé Danann and rules as queen over the sheoques (fairy women of the hills). To this day in County Cork in Ireland she is thought of as a faery queen with her own resident burgh. The rocky coastal landmark Tonn Cliodna The Wave of Clena is named for her.