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The Celtic Jewelry Studio


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Earrings • Necklaces • Rings • Bracelets • Brooches

Jewelry with an Ancient Story

Celtic Knots • Norse Art • Mystical Creatures

Symbols With Meaning

Amethyst • Sapphire • Garnet • Connemara Marble & More

Real Gemstones

Goddesses to Celtic Totems

Inspired by Celtic Mythology


Welcome to The Celtic Jewelry Studio.

Hand-crafted Jewelry with an Ancient Story. Our jewelry collections are beautifully unique and rich in Celtic symbolism. Enjoy!


Our Best Selling Collections

Cruthu Collection

Real gemstones combined with Celtic Symbols, High-quality Artisan Glass Beads in Earrings and Pendants.

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Druid Moon Collection

High-quality Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men in Rings, Pendants, and Cuff Bracelets

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Selkie Sea Glass Collection

Unleash your inner Selkie and adorn yourself with the beauty of our sea-inspired jewelry pieces.

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Druid Moon...A Collection for Men

Stainless steel

Immerse yourself in our stunning stainless steel Druid Moon Collection. Iconic Viking, Celtic, Irish, and Scottish symbols where each piece tells a story of ancient heritage and cultural significance.

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Sacred Numbers

Unlock the Mystical Powers of Gemstones with the Sacred Numbers Collection.

The Celts connected with Earth Mother through her landscape; rocky places were sacred and powers were believed gleaned from gemstones.

The Celts found significance in certain numbers and believed they represented the interlacing of one’s self or soul with the elements of this world. These ancient Celtic beliefs are contained in the Sacred Numbers Collection by incorporating Celtic knot beads, gemstones, and the sacred numbers