Amethyst and Connemara Marble Bracelet with Celtic Heart Knot.

Amethyst and Connemara Marble Bracelet with Celtic Heart Knot.

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This bracelet has a clean modern design with Ireland's beloved Connemara Marble and real Amethyst gemstones. Comes gift boxed with the history of Connemara Marble and meaning of the Celtic knot.


The Ancients believed Amethyst to be the “Stone of Spirituality” increasing nobility, spiritual awareness and strength. It aids in healing, renewal, and deep peacefulness.

Connemara Marble

The Ancients believed Connemara Marble brings the wearer serenity, deep peacefulness and connection to ancient Ireland.

Meaning of the Celtic Round Lugh Knot

All Celtic knots, whether square, triangle or round, symbolize “no beginning, no end... infinity,” the intertwining of this world and the “other” or spiritual world, the continuity of life paths, the mingling of relationships, and the binding together of all.

The history of the Celts is an oral one and the exact meaning of their artwork, including all Celtic knots, is unsure. However scholars believe the round Lugh knot comes from Celtic mythology with Lugh being the Celtic god of Harvest; to this day a festival called Lughnasa is celebrated, in Ireland and in the Celtic Isles, halfway between the Summer solstice and Autumn equinox.