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Black Leather Bracelet with Celtic Dragon

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Black leather and waxed cotton unisex bracelet with Celtic dragon is adjustable with slide closure. 

Legend of the Celtic Dragon

 The Celtic Dragon is a mighty mystical creature that represents sovereignty, power, or a chief or leader of a clan, such as Pendragon the Celtic word meaning ‘chief.’ Raising power is to invoke the “Eye of the Dragon.”

In ancient Ireland and Celtic Isles the whole Earth was viewed by the Druids as the body of the Dragon, and they built their sacred stone circles upon the “Power Nodes” of its body. They believed dragons connected mortals with the Earth’s magnetism and healing waters.

In Welsh mythology, after a long battle which the Welsh King Vortigern witnesses a red dragon defeats a white dragon; a great sage explains to Vortigrn that the red dragon symbolizes the Welsh, and the white dragon symbolizes the Saxons – thus foretelling the ultimate defeat of the English by the Welsh.

 The Anglo-Saxon word “dragon” is derived from the Greek word meaning “to see clearly.” They believed dragons had the gift of vision, wisdom, and prophecy. Dragons were considered the guardians of all knowledge and wisdom.


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Black Leather Bracelet with Celtic Dragon
Black Leather Bracelet with Celtic Dragon Sale price$15.95