3 Celtic Knots Connemara Marble Bracelet with Toggle

3 Celtic Knots Connemara Marble Bracelet with Toggle

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Connemara marble with three distinct Celtic knots, the diamond, rectangle and triknot, combine with other details such as filigree spheres and is finished with a Celtic toggle closure and Trinity knot drop. Comes boxed with the history of Connemara Marble and the meaning of the Celtic knots.

History of Connemara Marble

Beloved by the Irish people for centuries, Connemara Marble dates back some 600 million years to the pre-Cambrian era. Steeped in myth and mystery and found only in the twelve Connemara mountains in the West of Ireland, this rich mossy green marble has long been considered one of Ireland’s greatest national treasures.

Stone defines Ireland’s sacred spaces, and it is in the permanence of stone that fragments of the Irish past are recorded. Even before the Celts arrived in Ireland, Neolithic (New Stone Age) peoples were skilled in stonework. Over the ages, Irish artisans have celebrated their history and faith, both Pagan and Christian, by working Connemara Marble into artwork ranging from great monuments to small adornments.

This famous Irish marble shows twisted and interlocking bands of serpentine in varying shades of green, sepia, cream and grey interrupted by veins of crystalline calcite and dolomite and was a treasured commodity used in trade by the inhabitants of prehistoric Ireland.

Held close, the Ancients believed Connemara Marble brings the wearer serenity, restfulness and deep peace.