Small Round Celtic Knot with Pebble Sea Glass Earrings

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Free-form sea glass pebbles drop from a small open Celtic knot. Choose your favorite sea glass from these sea inspired colors: Soft Green, Ocean's Blue, Deep Water Lavender, or Seafoam Teal. 

Finished on Sterling Silver leaver-back ear wires...easy to put on, easy to wear!

Boxed with story card explaining the Legend of the Selkie, Meaning of the Celtic Knot and the telling of an old Celtic Song of the Sea.  


• Freeform cultured Sea Glass pebbles in colors of Soft Green, Ocean's Blue, Deep Water Lavender or Seafoam Teal. Actual shape may vary slightly from image.

• Celtic symbol adornments.

• Sea Glass pebbles approx 10-15mm. Overall earring drop from top of ear wire is 42-45mm (1.50"-1.75")

• Sterling silver leaver back ear wires.

• Gift boxed with story card.

Legend of the Selkie

Always ready to return to the wild Celtic sea, Selkies are sea people who are something close to a seal in the water but can shed their seal skins and live among the humans. There are ancient stories of Selkies, one such story...Read More