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Vegvisir Viking Compass Pendant

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The Viking Compass, the one that today is also called Vegvisir compass, is composed of two words. The first is “Vegur” and means road or path. The second is “Visir” and represents the guide. In Icelandic language, largely based on the old Futhark used by the Vikings, Vegvisir means traveler and sign post. Whether physical or spiritual the Vegvisir is said to help the wearer stay on their true path.

The Rune symbols that surround the Vegvisir are an old Norse language.

• High quality stainless steel.

• Comes with 22" stainless steel box chain.

• Comes box with History of the Druids and Meaning of the Celtic Symbol.

• Measurements: 40mm x 40mm

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Vegvisir Viking Compass Pendant
Vegvisir Viking Compass Pendant Sale price$28.95