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Winter's Dream Prehnite with Celtic Diamonds

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Witnessing a winter sun’s first light shining upon a snow-filled tree branch is a special moment that evokes such strong emotions and imagery that it sticks in your mind forever. The glistening snow melting to expose hints of the green moss hidden underneath, this is the warm memory that pops up when you behold this special collection.

We present to you a rare beauty, the Prehnite gemstone known also as the Stone of Protection. Depending on how the light strikes Prehnite, you might notice bright whites mixed with moss green and honey yellows. Prehnite is said to aid in dreaming and calmness. It encourages forgiveness, acceptance and a clear mind and heart. 

We have paired the Prehnite gemstone with a diamond shaped Celtic knot to represent infinite good health, friendship and love. We’re truly inspired by the continuous relationship between these ancient stones and their connection to the Earth and Celtic traditions.

Make new memories with a gift that celebrates our connections and experiences!

  • Handcrafted by an artisan in the United States

  • Pendant: Sterling silver 18” chain

  • Earrings: Sterling silver French ear wires

  • Celtic Symbol: Diamond Shaped Celtic Knot

  • Gemstone: 6mm Prehnite Stone

  • Includes: Every pair of earrings or pendant is carded with the meaning of the Celtic symbol and power of the stone.

  • Packaging Options: Choose gift wrapping at checkout  to ensure your purchase arrives gift-ready. Add a personalized message for that extra special touch. 

Meaning of the Celtic Knot

All Celtic knots, whether square, triangle or round, symbolize “no beginning, no end... infinity,” the intertwining of this world and the “other” or spiritual world, the continuity of life paths, the mingling of relationships, and the binding together of all.

The history of the Celts is an oral one and the exact meaning of their artwork, including all Celtic knots, is unsure. However scholars believe the round Lugh knot comes from Celtic mythology with Lugh being the Celtic god of Harvest; to this day a festival called Lughnasa is celebrated, in Ireland and in the Celtic Isles, halfway between the Summer solstice and Autumn equinox.

The triangular three-point knot called Triquetra, Triknot or Trinity has meaning for Christians and pagans alike. Early Christians adopted it as a symbol of the three-in-one God or Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triquetra is often found in insular art such as illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. It is also found in similar artwork on Celtic crosses from the early Christian period.

Pagans took it as a symbol of division of the world into the realms of Earth, Sea and Sky, and as a symbol of the triple goddesses, for example, Epona and The Morrígan.

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Winter's Dream Prehnite with Celtic Diamonds
Winter's Dream Prehnite with Celtic Diamonds Sale price$24.95