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My Celtic Heart

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The symbolism behind the act of tying a knot is one of strength and binding. Knots are meant to be unbreakable-connected forever unless undone. They are incredibly significant in Celtic traditions where they often represent themes of life, death and love. 

The Celtic heart knot is a beautiful expression of unconditional love--an endless loop in the shape of a heart connected with no beginning or end. And together with a 4mm Amethyst gemstone and glimmering bi-cone crystal, our “Celtic Heart” collection glorifies love in all of its forms. 

Shine from the inside out with a piece of jewelry made with love and meant to be given with love!

  • Handcrafted by an artisan in the United States

  • Pendant: Sterling silver 18” chain

  • Earrings: Sterling silver French ear wires

  • Gemstone: 4mm Amethyst

  • Celtic Knot Style: Celtic heart knot

  • Packaging: Every pair of earrings or pendant is carded with the meaning of the Celtic heart knot and power of the Amethyst gemstone.

  • Gift Wrap Option: Choose gift wrapping at checkout to ensure your purchase arrives gift-ready. Add a personalized message for that extra special touch.


The Ancients believed Amethyst to be the “Stone of Spirituality” increasing nobility, spiritual awareness and strength. It aids in healing, renewal, and deep peacefulness.

About the Celtic Knot

All Celtic knots, whether square, diamond, triangle or round, symbolize “no beginning, no end... infinity,” the intertwining of this world and the “other” or spiritual world, the continuity of life paths, the mingling of relationships, and the binding together of all. Read more...

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My Celtic Heart
My Celtic Heart Sale price$23.95