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Greenish Blue Dragonfly's Flight

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The dragonfly is one of the oldest species of insect. They are often associated with being messengers and for many cultures they represent a positive force of wisdom and change. Their unique jewel-toned body actually transforms over time, so depending on their stage of development, you can witness multiple hues on the same dragonfly. 

Celtic indigene recognized a symbolism in the time it takes a dragonfly to develop their jewel tones and reflected on the idea that one’s own true colors only come forth with maturity and self-awareness. They are seen as a figure of respect and even luck when a dragonfly comes to you--a present from the universe. 

Give the gift of lifelong prosperity and growth with this Celtic Dragonfly adorned with two-toned green and blue glass beads and bi-cone crystals.

Feel the magic of nature’s beauty!

  • Handcrafted by an artisan in the United States

  • Pendant: Sterling silver 18” chain

  • Earrings: Sterling silver French ear wires

  • Adornment: 4mm soft green and blue glass bead & bi-cone crystals

  • Packaging: Every pair of earrings or pendant is carded with the Legend of the Celtic dragonfly.

  • Gift wrap option: Beautifully packaged in a gift box with wrapping, add your personal message. Available at checkout.

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Greenish Blue Dragonfly's Flight
Greenish Blue Dragonfly's Flight Sale price$23.95