Connemara Marble and Lavender Claddagh

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6mm Connemara Marble gemstones with lavender bicone crystals, and Claddagh drop and finished with sterling silver French ear wires, pendants on 18" sterling silver chain. Comes on story card with meaning of the Celtic symbol and history of Connemara Marble from Ireland.

About Connemara Marble

Beloved by the Irish people for centuries, Connemara Marble dates back some 600 million years to the pre-Cambrian era. Steeped in myth and mystery and found only in the twelve Connemara mountains in the West of Ireland, this mossy green marble has long been considered read more...

About the Irish Claddagh

The story of the Claddagh begins in the early 16th century in the village of Claddagh on the west coast of Ireland with a man named Richard Joyce. Soon to be wed, Joyce and his fishing boat capsized off the coast of Ireland, he was rescued by Spanish pirates and promptly read more...