Hand-wrapped Sea Glass with Celtic Trinity Knot and a Real Gemstone Pendant

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Simplicity. Formed of the sea our sea glass pendant is hand-wrapped and detailed with either am Amethyst or Aquamarine gemstone depending on the color of the sea glass, and hosts a Celtic Trinity knot drop.

Finished on a 18" Sterling Silver chain. Boxed with story card explaining the Legend of the Selkie, Meaning of the Celtic Knot and the telling of the old Celtic Song of the Sea. 


Real gemstones in 4mm round faceted Amethyst or Aquamarine.

• Hand-wrapped freeform cultured Sea glass in colors of Soft Green, Ocean's Blue, Deep Water Lavender or Seafoam Teal.

• Sea Glass measures approx. 22-27mm.

• Celtic symbol adornments.

• 18" Sterling silver chain.

• Gift boxed with story card.

Legend of the Selkie

 From the depths of the wild Celtic seas comes the legend of the Selkie. Longing to...Read more