The Irish Magic Hanky Baby Bonnet with Claddagh Pendant Charm and Irish Good Luck Coin

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The Claddagh sits center stage on our fine linen hemstitched hanky handcrafted into a bonnet for baby.  This bonnet is traditionally worn home from the hospital, at dedication or on Christening Day. Then years later, with a snip or two it becomes a hanky again perfect for a wedding day.

This Irish Magic Hanky is edged with soft cotton scalloped lace and finished with satin ribbons that cradle the Claddagh pendant charm for a baby girl to wear when she is older, or a wee boy to give to his love when he becomes a man.

Ireland's most beloved symbol of enduring love is the centuries old Claddagh. Fashioned of three elements: the Hands representing Friendship, the Crown-Loyalty, and the Heart-Love, the Claddagh has been past down within families and given as a symbol of commitment even today.

Gift boxed with the Magic Hanky poem, meaning of the Claddagh, and an Irish pence coin for good luck. The authentic Irish pence coin is stamped with the Irish Harp, the National Symbol of Ireland. 

• Fine linen with cotton scalloped lace and satin ribbons.

• Irish Claddagh pendant charm.

• Choose an 18" sterling silver chain or without chain.

• Authentic Irish pence coin with Irish Harp.

• Beautifully gift boxed with story card explaining the Legend of the Irish Claddagh and Magic Hanky poem.