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"Winged Eagle" Cabochon Bracelet

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Taken from an ancient manuscript, the "Winged Eagle" depicts the Apostle John from the New Testament of the Christian Bible... Apostle John is depicted as the Winged Eagle. The Gospel according to John is referred to as “high Christology” as it emphasizes the divine aspects of Christ’s identity rather than His humanity, and to His resurrection, divine grace, and heavenly glory.

The Winged Eagle bezeled cabochon is adorned with antique silver, gunmetal and rich brown wood side slide beads on black braided and flat bands. Finished with an adjustable slide closure that makes this bracelet easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. Adjustable 6.5" to 9.5" approx.

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"Winged Eagle" Cabochon Bracelet
"Winged Eagle" Cabochon Bracelet Sale price$16.95