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Two-tone Celtic Knot Shamrocks

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Open Celtic knots captured in Ireland's beloved Shamrock. Earrings are finished on sterling silver French eye wires, pendants come with 18" sterling silver chain. Comes with meaning of the Celtic symbol and meaning of the gemstone.

About the Irish Shamrock

Though the origin of the Shamrock is lost in antiquity, it was the Celtic Druids who first shared the legend of Shamrock and secured its place in Irish mythology. And although the Celts relied on oral storytelling to past down their beliefs it is thought that they attached great significance to the number three. Clearly expressed in their artistic symbolism. Read more...

Meaning of the Celtic Knot

All Celtic knots, whether square, diamond, triangle or round, symbolize “no beginning, no end... infinity,” the intertwining of this world and the “other” or spiritual world, the continuity of life paths, the mingling of relationships, and binding together of all. Read more...

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Two-tone Celtic Knot Shamrocks
Two-tone Celtic Knot Shamrocks Sale price$23.95